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Training Day Course 4

Through Life Support to Tactical Data Systems

By: Meta Mission Data

The aim of this Training Day is to inform the audience of the processes and capabilities associated with Through-life engineering of Tactical Data Systems applicable to the land, maritime and air environments. It describes the role of engineering support capabilities throughout the TDS lifecycle, from integration through to in-service support, and how they may augment an operational network such as extending the reach of OPNET management.

Outline Syllabus

Introduction and Terminology

Support Phases

Engineering Support

  • System Integration
  • Interoperability Evaluation
  • In-Service Support

Planning, Data Capture and Analysis

  • Simulation
  • Recording
  • Data Analysis

Link 16 Modernisation Support


Operator, Engineer

Speaker Biography

Kevin Farquhar – Meta Mission Data Bio:

Kevin currently works within Meta Mission Data’s Tactical Data Links team after a 30-year career in the Royal Air Force, as an Aerospace Systems Manager, followed by 6 years in defence related companies.

During his military career Kevin deployed worldwide in support of Operations and Exercises, achieving 3,500 flying hours in numerous Radar, Electronic Warfare and Tactical Datalinks (TDL) related roles. With his final 10 years as a Surveillance Crew member on Sentry AEW and as a Central Flying School qualified Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance Instructor specialising in Air Command and Control, Electronic Surveillance and Electronic Warfare, and TDL.

Since leaving the RAF, Kevin has worked overseas as a Link 16 Advisor and in the UK working within Interoperability and Training.