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Programme Overview

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A series of 2 hour 15 minute sessions will take place across five days to make up this virtual event. The online platform being used for the IDLSoc virtual event is WebEx. All sessions will be accessed via this platform.

Below is an overview showing when sessions will take place each day. Please note that the times are displayed in GMT.

We aim for all sessions to be recorded. Members who are unable to join live sessions will be able to view the pre-recorded presentation.

The event covers a mix of content. Several companies who originally offered full day training courses for the IDLS2020 live event will be providing 2 hour 15 minute training sessions on Monday 26th October.

Confirmed presenters for IDLS2020 will also be delivering their presentations. This technical content will be presented by members from both Military and Industry organisations.

Companies who had committed to exhibiting at IDLS2020 have been given the opportunity to present either a capability overview or technical presentation.

Finally, Friday 30th October will see the Annual Meeting of Members take place. The Events Team will give a briefing on IDLS2021, which will be taking place in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, from 1st – 4th November 2021.