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Masterclasses and 101 Course

Following on from the successful introduction of the Masterclass aimed at delegates with a knowledge of Tactical Data Links last year, we are introducing a 101 course for those individuals who are new to the domain.

Full details of each of these courses can be found on the course pages. Below is a brief outline of the courses.

The number of attendees for each of the Masterclasses is 15 delegates and the 101 Course will have up to 40 delegates.

These courses will all take place on Thursday 22nd, Friday 23rd and Monday 26th October 2020.

Attendance certificates will be provided.

101 Course

Introduction to Link 16 by TCG

This is a three-day, instructor led delivery of basic level Link 16 knowledge. This course design focuses on the operator in mind - relating the technical capabilities and procedural actions an operator must consider when using Link 16. Attendees of this course will understand the relationship between necessary planning and operational documents, such as the OPTASK Link, and the technical functions of Link 16 terminals. Attendees will also be able to recognize the different access modes of a Link 16 terminal within the TDMA architecture and understand the impacts these different modes have on operations.

For more information, see the 101 Course page.


Class 1 - MIDS-JTRS & MIDS LVT BU2 Introduction Training by Viasat

Crypto-modernized radios are here, and more allied nations are starting to see the critical need for the basic to intermediate level of knowledge need for proper operation of MIDS-JTRS and BU2 MIDS-LVT operations. By adding more specific training in areas of concern to the operations and maintenance of the MIDS-JTRS Software Defined Radio (SDR) and understanding of the Software Architecture. This new understanding will benefit any operator, maintainer, or engineer. This course will demonstrate the breakdown of the software architecture of the CMN-4 radio and the HMIG interface terminal web server use case in how to conduct fault finding, diagnose and report and the proper repair processes or level. Secondly, the course will provide an overview of the MIDS LVT BU2 Retrofit/Production radios to include SRU and LRU overview, fault finding and isolation, report and proper repair processes for the MIDS LVT BU2. This year's Masterclass will have hands-on lab time embedded into the course!

For more information, see the Masterclass 1 page.

Class 2 - Data Links as Key Factor for Optimising Joint ISR & EW Operations' Interoperability & Effectiveness into an Evolving Geostrategic Environment by Athanasios Chouliaras, Hellenic Air Force Colonel (Veteran), Aerospace & Defence Consultant, Airborne ISR - C2BSM Platforms - EW & DL Systems Evaluator

The aim of the course is to introduce attendees to an innovative “Concept of Operations on Armed Forces Assets DL Requirements”, analysing an “Integrated Network – Centric C2 Battle Management System under a Joint Organsational Structure”, in order to familiarise them with the new challenges and trends on Joint Networked ISR/EW Operations.

A “New Geostrategic Environment” influences considerably the effort of National Forces and International Alliances to investigate how quickly and effectively they respond to New Generation Threat evolutions, following the “Modern Trends” and “Challenges” in the context of a new “Strategic Doctrine & Operational Planning”, the development of which will ensure the “Defence & Security”, and particularly the “Joint ISR/EW Operation Interoperability & Effectiveness”. The interacting of Geostrategic Enablers designates an operational planning, which must be developed through a Concept of Operations (CONOPS).

For more information, see the Masterclass 2 page.


Registration is made through the IDLS2020 booking system.

Type Price
Government $1010
Industry $1260