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Call For Presentations

We are looking for presentations on current issues of interest, including relevant aspects of research, practice and application.

There are many suitable topics within the TDL field that would make for interesting and enlightening presentations, however, if you are finding it difficult to focus on a particular topic you may find the below list of possible subjects of use.

  • How will Next Generation Platforms (5th & 6th) incorporate Data Links?
  • Technology Bridging/Advancement
  • What is the impact to the user/operation when the following are used:
  • Enhanced Throughput (ET) is used properly
    • Concurrent Multi Netting-4 (CMN-4)
    • Concurrent Contention Receive (CCR)

If you wish to submit a presentation for consideration, please contact the IDLSoc Secretariat as soon as possible at events@idlsocweb.org.

An abstract of 300 to 1,000 words containing details of the subject you wish to address and the point(s) you wish to make, must be submitted by 9 March 2020. A short list of candidates will be selected based on the content of the abstracts.

Potential presenters will then be asked to submit a draft presentation by 15 May 2020. This draft should be close to final presentation quality and should contain complete structure and textual content. If any of the graphics/videos that you plan to use in your final paper are not available, please indicate where these will appear in your final paper. The Technical Committee will be using these papers to select the conference presentations.

Everyone will be informed of the results of the selection process by 15 June 2020.