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IDLSoc 2020 - A Virtual Event

We are delighted to announce the plans for the IDLSoc 2020 Virtual Event.
The event is free to all members of the International Data Links Society – you simply need to register.

The event will run during the week that IDLS2020 was scheduled to take place; from the 26th – 30th of October 2020. This will be a virtual event made up of different elements from the live event, it will not be a complete recreation.

The IDLSoc Virtual Event will include:

  • Technical Presentations
  • Panels
  • 2hr long Training Overviews
  • 25 minute Capability Overviews
  • Annual Meeting of Members

These sessions will all be live. However, each session will be pre-recorded and made available on the virtual platform to all registered attendees for those who are unable to attend.

There will be a series of demonstrations by different vendors that will take place throughout the week. These will all be based around a singular scenario, allowing participants to compare capabilities, and note where different vendors’ kit can complement another vendors’ equipment.

Check out the IDLSoc Virtual Event promotional video above, to view just click play.